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My wish is to breed Shorthaired Magyar Vizsla who will be typical representative of this fantastic breed – talented and full in the type. Precondition of both parents to pass on good health is a natural thing. Our small family kennel is based on love for this noble breed,not on making money. We wish to select the future owners of our pups carefully.
Patricie Dlouhá

Our long time planned pups should be born in the mid of August. Pups will be available to new homes from the beginer of October, earliest from 7 weeks of age.

Father of our "A" litter Delona Bohemia is beautiful Hungarian dog Vadászfai Góbé.

More information about Inga, mother of "A" litter Delonga Bohemia you can find here

From this mating we expect good health, excelent hunting instinct, nice exterior, well balanced and selfconfident charakters. Ideal for hunting, breeding and shows.

Góbés pedigree here

Photos of parents "A" litter Delonga Bohemia - Inga a Góbé

IMG_3160.jpg, 5.6MB 6.jpg, 54kB (Visnyei-Vadász Sátán x Vadászfai Galóca)
7.jpg, 27kB galoca.jpg, 102kB

More about father Vadászfai Góbé:

Vadászfai Góbé comes from well known Hungarian kennel of Magyar Vizsla – Vadászfai Kennel. Inga´s father Vadászfai Zenit also comes from the same kennel- Vadaszfai. Góbé was chosen for our first offspring for his good health , hunting instinkt, exterior and because there are many already grownup offspring where I could see and hear about their health, hunting abilities and I also I liked their exterior a lot.


Góbé is a dog with beautiful gold color (after vizsla standard "zsemle sárga" or french roll yellow), the same color Inga has and both parents have nice dark eye. Góbé has a good size, excelent and very friendly nature and charakter typical for vizslas. Góbé is a strong dog with good muscles.


Góbé is a lovely dog, very friendly, active and all the time in movement. He is very smart and clever, he reacts very fast and always looks in your eyes awaiting your order.


Góbé has been made for hunting. He loves watter and reed. He is excelent in field, always with efforts to find animals, he searches fast with high nose. Góbé is very fast and energetic dog. Both, Inga and Góbé have a lot in common.


Góbé HD A


AV test, VAV, VMV I.


Góbé is successful at shows and he has gained many reat titels - 3x HPJ, Junior Best, Hungária Junior Champion,4xBOB, 2x Most Beautiful Hungarian Breed, 8x CAC, 2x CACIB, Res CACIB, Serbian Champion, 2x BOG, 2x Res BOG, Best in Show.

Inga and Góbé match very well together, they complement each other in exterior and both are very good hunting dos. Their pedirees suit each other and both have HD A. Pups after Góbé are well balanced, have nice yellow color and dark eye.

Photos of Góbé´s offspring - bitches Vadászfai Zerge (Góbé x Vadászfai Tüske) and Vadaskerti-Vadász Anka(Góbé x Csepregi-Vadász Intő) 6 months 

Zerge.jpg, 1.2MB IM000473 (5).JPG, 794kB

For more information do not hesitate to contact me on Patricie Dlouha ph. +420 603 819 452 or e-mail. We speak english, spanish and german.

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