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About us

We are happy to welcome you on our web-site of the Kennel Delonga Bohemia. Our Kennel started with a smart bitch of Magyar Vizsla called Inga z Panskych lesu. We breed only this beautiful breed which has charmed us with it‘s apearance and mainly with it‘s beautiful character, friendly and clever nature. We live in Prague and Inga lives with us in a apartment without any problems. If dogs get often walks, trips and possibly hunting exercise, we prefer this kind of living for vizslas. Magyar Vizsla is a breed who needs a a lot of contact with people and will do anything for his family. Here in our web-site we would like to inform you about our life with Inga and also about interesting things about this fantastic breed and hunting dogs in general.

Inga is expecting her first babies in August 2012 and if everything will be alright one little girl will stay at home with her mother. You can find more about this long time planned litter here.

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